About Me

Hello !

I'm Lauren. Currently I reside in Los Angeles, however I originally hail from New England. As a child who spent most of their time outdoors pawing through the dirt + awing over landscapes, my love for nature seamlessly transferred into my adult life. 

Shooting film (majority of the time), most of my photography is based in + around nature, as well as the ways nature incorporates itself into the city. Aside from outdoor photography, I have recently developed a niche for live music photography.

I am a morning person through + through, I truly adore my dog, and would be a bit more lost in this world without my camera(s). 

Publications :

- Y35 Mag: Issue No.16

- Analog Forever Magazine: Online Group Exhibition - "Migration" December '22

- Shoot It With Film Website Feature - January '23



Los Angeles, CA 

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