solo in the sierra

Heading out of LA, a sense of calm swept over me. I hadn’t been out of the city since I moved there almost a year ago — and that ain’t me. After one freeways’ end, I drifted onto 395. Easily one of my favorite roads in the country, I felt even more at ease traversing this particular stretch of road. It was when some familiar sights began to pass, I smiled to myself. Arriving in Lone Pine, it was 105 degrees. I would rest my head in the hills that night, but I needed the sun to mellow out a bit first. 

I made camp in the back of my Subaru, had random snacks for dinner and shot photos of the Milky Way, which was entirely blasting in the sky.

Upon waking up, I climbed out of the hatch and began to observe. The new moon showing as just a sliver, barrel cacti abound. The silence is what I noticed the most. It was, deafening. If I had screamed at the top of my lungs, nobody would have heard me. The vastness, made me feel so small, in a humbling way. Me, standing there, miles from the base of the mountains, yet gazing forward towards the continental US’s highest peak. The soft pinks and blues faded as the sun crested the eastward hills, and I headed out. I drove a familiar route that held some painful memories, yet felt nothing from it. A good sign of healing. 

Small towns intrigue me. I’m from one myself, but not small like this. It is a mind warp for me to think of folks growing up in environments like this. Harsh seems to be a good description. A kid no older than 18 served me coffee, wearing his Dodgers hat. An interesting perspective to gaze through, such an, essentially, isolated upbringing. 

After popping into a mountaineering shop recommended by a friend, I headed north. Passing through Bishop, I parked and hit the street. Nothing is very extensive here, but there is a lot to look at and interesting and lovely people to meet. I topped the gas tank off and continued north. 

My excitement propelled as I approached my destination. I was back in a familiar and it was not the city, and to say I was overwhelmed + overjoyed, is an understatement. 

Enjoy the rest.

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